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tv   [untitled]    February 25, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EST

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ukraine's interim leadership calls on international donors to help them avoid the folds of the e.u. and washington promise and some money into the play country however the real. you it's not going to be the german. experts warn the help from brussels and the international monetary fund may be too painful for ukraine to handle. washington pushes for thousands of troops remain in afghanistan after this year's withdrawal deadline as a security deal with kabul hangs in the air. and britain's muslim communities raise the alarm over their religion being used as a scapegoat by all for it sees in their answers her policies.
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you're watching r t international with me marina call survivor welcome to the program over the ukraine's economy balance and on the verge of default the country's new leadership is welcome a western diplomats in the hope of getting urgent aids eve foreign policy chief catherine ashton has promised supports and washington said it will weigh in to in addition to an i.m.f. package and while trying to woo the donors ukraine's new leaders are cracking down on the old administration are going to skim off has more. the manhunt continues here in kiev former officials are being searched for around fifty of them have been arrested are being accused of being responsible for the deaths of civilians during the violent street fighting last week between the writers and the police the whereabouts of ousted president the three in the court which are still unknown and he's also wanted on the same charges in the meantime the e.u.
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foreign affairs commissioner catherine ashton is met with the leaders of the opposition and the acting president here in the ukrainian capital and has pledged financial support from the e.u. meanwhile in the e.u. most debt stricken nations are not very happy about the idea of financially helping ukraine right now. first the greece. and then they all for ukraine all the money they should supporters now that we're in great need i find is completely wrong to the european union or first all this money to ukraine we don't have any job's and at the same time we have debts to pay it's not right to give all this money to ukraine. is in need of financial assistance the economy is in bad shape and it was even before the events here in kiev but the question is at what price is this help going to. mean while ukraine's finance ministry is calling for a donor's conference brussels washington and the international monetary fund it
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says it needs for national assistance for the next two years as well as aid in the short term while the i.m.f. requiring painfully konami performance in return the help would likely come out of their high price as foreign affairs analyst brian becker explains. the e.u. is is playing with carrots and sticks the there's economic integration which is going to mean big parts of the ukrainian working population will see a deterioration in their living style the fantasy about entering your of the the streets be in line with gold that's a fantasy because the real project is it is an i.m.f. based austerity program that's the real path into the e.u. it's not going to be the german path it'll be the greek path for the ukraine the ongoing standoff has polarized in ukraine deepening the divide between the west and southeast which has a huge russian speaking population eastern provinces are the countries power house
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and home to the main industrial hubs now the south has all of ukraine supports and then the second largest city that sevastopol that's where ethnic russians make up over seventy percent of the population now the city has seen thousands of protesters against the upheaval condemning the violent actions of neon at sea radicals locals have refused to recognize the new parliament and have elected the russian citizen as their new mayor political blogger william allison believes western powers supporting the interim government are benefiting from the crane's turmoil. the banks. germany and the united states trying to get as much control. over as much of the country as the term at the moment they wish to cool a certain degree of chaos which is why they're turning a blind eye to what i can only describe as nazi star parties and i think that suits them because it's a question of divide and green. and we are closely following the situation in
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ukraine on air and online head to r.t. dot com where we have more in-depth analysis and minute by minute updates of what's happening in kiev and other regions. we're going on now as the deadline for u.s. troops the pullout from afghanistan approaches washington despondency three thousand personnel behind president karzai has so far refused to sign a bilateral security deal with the u.s. and as far as he's going to scare reports washington is that scrambling to preserve its footprints in the region. it's not easy for the obama administration to communicate reasons why the u.s. should stay in of ghana's them past twenty four teen the administration hasn't been able to sell those reasons to president karzai is like nato troops presence his country worse but washington definitely does not want to leave afghanistan for good and one of the reported options is that those three thousand troops would be deployed to bases in kabul and bob graham and would not do much traveling across
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the country now the other option which the pentagon reportedly favors more is leaving ten thousand troops behind and also leaving more bases open the pentagon argues the closing of some of the bases would hamper drone operations in pakistan washington's main argument now remains that afghan forces cannot stand alone against the resurgent taliban to increase the pressure congress has recently slashed plans development and military aid to afghanistan to roughly half by half to one point one billion dollars there is also an understanding here in washington that in order to not lose of ganesan completely they may have to make a now to the taliban force they'd been fighting for more than a decade. so many of the recent developments show how far we have come from initial declarations like the us saying that he would leave afghanistan by the end of twenty fourteen in washington i'm going to check on our team. the u.s.
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is arguing this withdrawal from afghanistan will put the militants in the neighboring pakistan are forcing them to seek alternative locations for their controversial drone bases meanwhile recent polls show that over half of american surveyed thought has failed to achieve its goals of. compared to thirty eight percent who think it had almost succeeded we talked to a former u.s. army general and he told us washington is interested in maintaining the image of an on and then conflict and afghanistan. are definitely leaving why continue wasting lives trying to get us out but it seems that we're standing in opposite leaving camp. which would still seem to be some kind of occupying force with or without karzai concurrence an element. wanted to maintain an occupying force they want to maintain the appearance of. war so that they. justify the claims of extra constitutional extra judicial powers on behalf of the.
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so called commander in chief or as they now identify the president. we're headed then says short break now but to stay with artsy international for more news including of reports on the small village in germany whose rise than face the prospect of haven't sumeet their homes to make way for coal why. the agenda here is clear banks don't want the competition they don't want the coin to succeed the central banks that deal of money don't want a competitor they don't want to cryptocurrency they are going to report the news in a way that reflects their interests unfortunately there is no sure objective news source anymore except aside from the. choose your language. of choice because with the influential senators today still
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some. choose to use the consensus to. choose the opinions that you'd be great to. choose the stories that impact your life choose the access to your. i . welcome back to r.t. international wilkinson you're now with other news the u.k. government has spent millions of pounds in recent years on the so-called provided program that's aimed at stopping muslims in the country from falling under the influence of radicals it's supposed to serve as
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a counterterrorism strategy but many claim it's counterproductive with some muslim saying its place in the scrim a nation of buy off or it sees our seas laura smith reports. preventing terrorism a powerful phrase used to excuse all manner of abuses from government spying on their own citizens to foreign wars now muslims in the u.k. are accusing the government of scapegoating them in the fight against terror and creating what they're calling a cradle to grave police state they say the police strategy known as prevent monitor's muslims and tries to change ideologies in every area of their life so it's an all encompassing policy that is touching on every aspect of muslim life in a negative negative way which encourages discrimination you've got to remember that . when one person has been affected in this way the whole family as they tell their
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family they tell their friends they tell others so this is becoming a shared experience amongst the muslim community the whole community is now experiencing what's happening in prevent despite the fact that human rights organizations have branded the strategy unacceptably intrusive into the lives of ordinary muslims and based not on preventing terrorism but on changing ideology beliefs and values it appears set to be enshrined into law and it's not the only example of politicians seeking to make capital out of apparently discriminating against muslims gerard batten is immigration spokesman for the u.k. independence party he wants british muslims to sign a code of conduct that affirms the equality of all people equal rights for women rejects violence and promote tolerance but i can't see how anybody could object to it i mean if you say to anybody anywhere in the world do you think that people should be treated equally men and women should be treated equally you know there
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should be no violence there should be no compulsion in religion everybody should be free to follow their own religion who would not sign it only people who don't believe those things batten on. the document would help moderate muslims to distinguish themselves from extremists but muslims themselves say it's just another way of singling them out and it doesn't lead anywhere it does what leads to. you know fascism against other communities this is what will happen as more and more people think it's perfectly right to target women who wear. them sign a code of conduct to worry that as policies like these become part of everyday life casual islamophobia follows pitting community against community and dividing society you're a smith. and we have more stories for you online including while the u.s. seeks more drone bases near the pakistan border it's not
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a jet powered version so it's on land arsenal for more on the breakthrough technology and america's plans for it had to artsy dot com. also there is your i phone why not be safe while apple desperately tries to patch holes in it security be careful when connecting your device to public why five details of apple's oversight are just a click away on our web site. right to see. first rate. and i think the jury. on our reporters would. be in the. interview.
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took over. react to situations i have read the reports. but no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your pledge to say it's a hit list or k.l.a. cause i'm going to. say no more weasel words
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when you need a direct question and be prepared for a change when you run should be ready for a. pretty. little down the freedom to cross. but consider here with more news on artsy international protesters have clashed with riot police in them as well in capital caracas sudan's security forces who then responded with tear gas to weeks of our rice have already taken the lives of thirteen people prize than maduro blames the u.s. for supporting the opposition and latin american analysts kiran botts believes those claims are not groundless yes there is a foreign interests absolutely terms of trying to roll back the kinds of contributions regionally and internationally that venezuela has accomplished the
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united states continuing to support financially and offer training to the opposition groups venezuela has a very strong suspicious kind of a standpoint towards the united states. the leader of the opposition has the client's homes with. the protesters are planning a coup backed by washington can bots also believes venezuela is getting in the way of america's economic domination of the region. the role that has played historically over the past decade and a half. of promoting a kind of an independence movement within latin america which seeks to extricate itself from u.s. control particularly economic control in terms of the broad economic policies that have been imposed upon the region venezuela is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to trying to look for governments that may be more amenable to united states. and moving on to germany or last year the
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amounts of energy produced from coal roasts its highest level since the lines in ninety's that's despite a campaign to shift to greener sources of energy are ceaselessly caffein office of a small town there which now risks being the steroid by the country's coal it's action. welcome to out of wash population two hundred forty one it's a place that steeped in history the bell in this church was forged before columbus sailed for america and locals here have centuries old claim to the land it's we're all rick schultz was born and it's where he intends to die his family has owned this farm since fifteen sixty she learned a trade from his father and plans to hand the business down to his son. this has been our homeland for centuries it means everything to us but my family and my fellow villagers here face a terrible prospect our homes could soon be raised and our businesses destroyed.
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it's what's beneath the land an estimated two hundred fifty million tonnes of brown coal that threatens to wipe out a wash and two nearby villages off the map they have machines or strip mining the ground for a late night or brown coal and you can see of the vast size of this operation the coal mine behind me is already the size of several small towns but the company. wants to grow this we dish energy giant wants to double the size of the open cast mine vattenfall needs more lignite for its power plant one of the dirtiest in europe the local children call it the cloud making factory it's one of the most polluting fossil fuels and it's supposed to be a thing of the past germany gets nearly twenty five percent of its electricity from solar and wind with a goal of eighty percent renewables by twenty fifty at the country burned more brown coal last year than at any time since the one nine hundred ninety s. the dirty downside of chancellor merkel's. nuclear phaseout more than nine hundred
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villagers are risk of being displaced and for some there's a feeling of history repeating itself in this region thousands had been resettled after the second world war when the communist government depended on brown coal to power its cities and factories with. it makes me furious just furious first the government comes in starts developing alternative sources of energy and now we've come back to brown coal i feel very disillusioned we simply can't go back to old practices. residents have launched their own campaign to keep the diggers at bay but it's questionable if they can keep up the fight these are tiny villages with aging populations facing an energy giant with deep pockets a definitive decision has yet to be made on the fate of the villages in fall does move then it likely won't be for many more years and approval by state authorities is still pending although local activists aren't optimistic so these three villages
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will basically be gone if the plans of the prince go through the. to be moved. our laws protect the interests of the coal mining industry and the industry managed to convince politicians that if the country abandon scald l.b. major problems with electricity supply quite honestly. the company has said that it will recreate other wash elsewhere a church for a church it promises house for a house but for residents like all rick schultz giving up is simply not an option and of course on him by over here. my ancestors fought in the thirty year war with sweden in the seventeenth century object and they defended this land and i will also stand firm and fight for my land i cannot imagine what happens if i lose this battle when reporting in outer wash germany and the sea captain of. well
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people in that small town are forced out by their homes by a coal company some in london are pushed out of theirs by a growing inequality the f.t. findings show how the purchasing power of a wealthy or middle is increasingly pushing the most desirable neighborhoods out of the reach of middle class cling on whose salaries have failed to keep pace over the past forty years the policies have created this enormous gulf the split so there's cling on so soon as like an hour they're trying to cling on to having some modicum of middle class existence are being beamed out of out of out of the plane is gone and it's not really a middle class at all it's just being split right down the middle so you've got the tops of the brand and then you've got the everyone else the losers are being forced out of this immediate london area code where all of the easy money being printed by
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the subtle bank is available for terms undisclosed and nontransparent. and some other world news for you in brief now lebanese media report that israeli jets have attacked a hezbollah position on the border with syria according to syrian officials the area is used by the militant group as a training camp and for weapons storage is frauds not confirm or deny the airstrike has a lot is a long time and the me of israel that sued for a war in two thousand and six which and that and stalemate. egypt's military backed interim government has announced this resignation some analysts believe it's to make way for the now former defense minister to run for president in the upcoming election he was the one who is the most prized mohamed morsi and july last year the government says the country's fifth leadership to have left office since the arab
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spring began in two thousand and eleven. more news for you in about half an hour up next though erin eight investigates navigates she's russian say the boom and bust of the banking system to stay with us. transit route to vnukovo report your best way to the heart of moscow.
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judy cox a utah mother out of spite but an entire line of t. shirts at a popular chain store at her local mall the reason that she bought them was because she feels that the images of nearly naked women on them violate her local towns decency code she wants to make it clear though that she feels the store has the right to sell this type of shirt just not displayed in an exterior window ultimately her plan is to return the shirts on day fifty nine of the store's sixty limit let's hope for her sake they don't have a no return policy i bring this up because this is a great example of a nonviolent form of protest that actually works cause the scandal and more importantly it will make the company lose a few dollars technically the girls on the shirts are even fully exposed believe me i checked thoroughly and i would even call them r. rated the local communities have the right to be more conservative than the rest of the nation if they want to be and it's good that judy cox actually did something
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rather than just sitting at home on the air complaining about moral decay across the country if a housewife from a small mormon community can stand up to the man what's stopping you but that's just my opinion. here is clear banks don't want the competition they don't want the going to succeed that central banks that deals be out money don't want to compare they don't want to cryptocurrency they are going to report the news in a way that reflects their interests unfortunately there is no cure objective news source any more exciting aside from this. i think. we're going to go digital the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy which albus. in
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fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us about my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem or trying to fix a rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing up to find a job ready to join the movement then walk a little bit take. place .
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across talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. well if you're the market like. ali type you know. pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v.
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today i roll researcher. hello there i marinated this is boom bust and these are the stories that we're tracking for you today. first up we look into the matter and magnitude of a deal reached between netflix and comcast over the weekend netflix has decided to pony up to the cable provider but who really ends up paying in the long run we'll let you know then we had best sign off their international investor entrepreneur and chairman of p.c. research doug casey on today's show i sat down with mr casey to talk economic volatility and the global marketplace you won't want to miss our interview and finally a sun kissed edward harrison is back and he joins me to discuss avenel next in today's big deal and the risk it might have of stalling out it's all coming up so
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let's get to it. our lead story today net neutrality or lack thereof so what is net neutrality well with a pedia defines it as the. principle that internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the internet equally not discriminating or charging differently by user content site platform application type of attached equipment and modes of communication now in a landmark deal this past weekend comcast and netflix announced that they've reached an agreement in which netflix will pay comcast to ensure that they stream smoothly to comcast customers netflix will now get direct access to comcast
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broadband network now following the announcement of the deal netflix shares had a record high of four forty six and the deal effectively removes internet middlemen like cogent communications and level three now historically netflix transmitted it streaming content to broadband providers through a number of internet middlemen but since the mid two thousand and twelve just last year two thousand and twelve the company has been trying to reduce costs by getting broadband companies to hook up directly to video distribution networks without paying fees for carrying the traffic now under the new deal comcast will connect to netflix servers at data centers operated by other companies however netflix won't be able to place its servers inside comcast own data centers as netflix had originally wanted now essentially netflix has ponied up to cut out the middleman and of the way to choke points where data was getting stuff before sensibly bill.


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